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MAG > riders

A little bit of glamour in action sports.
She’s pretty, she’s got the spirit, she rides a dirt bike and she will be representing Fullgaz at MXF in 2015, as well as future events and videos. […]

MAG > racing

Une bonne course de déjantés de la poignée, c'est tout ce qui vous attend dans cette vidéo racing réalisée cet été au Circuit Carole. En maîtres de cérémonie, Arnaud Vincent, Lucas Mahias, […]

MAG > focus

Check out the first webisode of our latest road trip movie « Soul Searching » filmed in Mexico with the Champion Timepieces Freeride Team. In association with Cold Fusion, the two times world title […]

MAG > focus

Franky Zapata, l'inventeur du Flyboard qui avait fait l'effet d'une bombe il y a deux ans, nous présente aujourd'hui sa toute dernière création, l'Hoverboard !
A l'image de son petit frère le […]

MAG > racing

Fullgaz à nouveau partenaire de la Monsters Race cette année. Au programme, du gros gaz et de la baston à tous les étages, sur circuit, sur piste d'accélération et en course de côte, tout cela […]

MAG > focus

CF Moto Red Track is one of the greatest adventure ride through the most fabulous landscapes of Australia. Dry bush and outback, stunning native wildlife and breathtaking sceneries will amaze your […]

MAG > events

Enjoy the latest Fullgaz video released from the last round of the IFWA World Freeride Championship in Pacific City ; The Blowsion Surf Slam has raised the bar in 2013 to become one of the greatest […]

MAG > focus

All Fullgaz reports will now be released on our Facebook page, so feel free to share our content with all your friends ...
Retrouvez dorénavant tous les reportages Fullgaz sur notre page Facebook, […]

MAG > events

Tongthai Suksan from Thaïland wins the 2013 Flyboard World Cup in Qatar, the Americans Cooper Riggs, Ben Merrell an Damone Rippy take second, third and fourth place.
An outstanding event with an […]

MAG > riders

We are proud to announce Laurent Calliot (11th at 2012 World Cup) and Stéphane Prayas (2012 World Champion) as new Fullgaz riders. They will be representing Fullgaz in further Flyboard competitions, […]