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MAG > events

Enjoy the latest Fullgaz video released from the last round of the IFWA World Freeride Championship in Pacific City ; The Blowsion Surf Slam has raised the bar in 2013 to become one of the greatest […]

MAG > events

Tongthai Suksan from Thaïland wins the 2013 Flyboard World Cup in Qatar, the Americans Cooper Riggs, Ben Merrell an Damone Rippy take second, third and fourth place.
An outstanding event with an […]

MAG > riders

We are proud to announce Laurent Calliot (11th at 2012 World Cup) and Stéphane Prayas (2012 World Champion) as new Fullgaz riders. They will be representing Fullgaz in further Flyboard competitions, […]

MAG > events

Zapata-Racing press release

For the second edition of the Flyboard World Cup, Zapata Racing invites the best riders from all over the world to face each other in a competition organized in three […]

MAG > focus

Flyboard is one of the next generation of extreme sports, with which you can ride, fly, dive, throwing some big air tricks or making crazy maneuvres.
Enjoy our latest video shot in beautiful french […]

MAG > riders

Organisé en parallèle du prestigieux Scalaria Air Challenge, Red Bull a une fois de plus innové en mettant au point une compétition de Swoop totalement inédite et pour le moins originale !

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All Fullgaz reports will now be released on our Facebook page, so feel free to share our content with all your friends ...
Retrouvez dorénavant tous les reportages Fullgaz sur notre page Facebook, […]

MAG > racing

Fullgaz sera partenaire du plus déjanté des championnats du gros cube. Créé par Antoine Collignon et sa bande, la Monters Race rempile donc pour une saison, dont les hostilités débuteront les 8 […]

MAG > focus

Franky Zapata rides Flyboard in Brasil while World Freeride Finals in Balneario Piçarras.
Flyboard has raised pretty fast in South America lately, as Brasil is one of the greatest land of Extreme […]

MAG > focus

Fullgaz annouces its brand new website www.fullgazbroadcast.com dedicated to everything about photography, media, video production and broadcasting. Weather you are an amateur or a professional in the […]